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Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the strategy for a business or an organization to hand over their functions 


Outsourcing has become more and more common these days as more companies realised that the cost for insource is becoming too expensive.


However, many outsourcing companies tried to make clients outsource too much; which could result in a dysfunction team.


At Alpha Creative Solutions, we believe that a combination of an insource product owner and outsource expert resource will result in a better and more manageable outcome.


This will benefit our clients in cutting the cost of on a non-core business function and save money in the development process.

Why Outsource to Us?

There are many benefits that the outsourcing can help your business to grow and work effectively. Below is some of them;

  • General Cost Savings

Believe us, cost is the most important advantage when you outsource to Alpha Creative Solution. You can save over 60 percent over what it is costs to you now. 

  • Cost Cutting on Training & Recruitment

Alpha Creative Solutions will take care  of your recruitment process and you will no longer require to invest in training your resources. We employ well educated resources with various level of expertise in their respective areas.

  • Save on infrastructure and Technology

Outsourcing eliminates your need to invest in infrastructure. We take responsibility in preparing all the necessity technologies for the resources to work on your projects.

  • Round the clock work

Outsourcing to Indonesia also has great time zone benefit as we are only three hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (four hours during daylight saving). So there are plenty of interaction time with our staff during office hours. Later during after hours, our staff can catch up to complete critical tasks ready for you to review the next day. 

  • Focus on your core business

Outsourcing your business functions to us, will give you more time freedom and enables you to focus on important thing - your business.

  • Easy access to talents

With the current shortage within the IT industry, it may be harder for companies to employ skilled workers. Through Alpha Creative Solutions you have access to a pool of talents who are readily available at lower cost. ​

How It Works?

Identify needs

This is the first step of your journey. We will sit down and work out the requirements that you need;

  • Business overview

  • Goals & objectives

  • Job descriptions


In the implementation stage, our team in Indonesia will do the following;


  • Recruit the qualified resources

  • Organise the office space

  • Prepare the IT Infrastructure

  • Work out the security and business continuity process with you.


Our lead team will work closely with you to ensure;


  • The team member/s understand the tasks 

  • Estimate the work as accurate as possible

  • The quality work is delivered as expected in a timely manner


Let's connect and have a chat about it! 

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch with you shortly.

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