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We lived in an ever-evolving world that revolves around with Technologies. The challenges that businesses need to implement are having effective IT resources to co-exist with your business, regardless of the size of your business.

Not just that, but business also faces challenges to recruit the right resources. Costs such as Job Advertising, On-boarding, On-going support, Training Cost/Efforts and Retention efforts need to be taken into consideration. All of that combined will produce expensive costs for your business.

Engaging with Alpha Creative Solutions means that your business won’t need to worry when it comes to having the right resources. We have the expertise to meet your IT challenges and needs head on. You will be partnering with a reliable partner; we are with you from the start and work closely with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivery Quality Services at a price that is affordable.

Our services are delegated to our offshore partner with an Australian based ACS management that will oversee and ensures the delivery of quality services and be your point of contact.

Our Offshore partner has the quality assurances process in place, proper business process assessment, selection of the right resources including providing project coordinator, onboarding and periodic review.

Our Services are listed below, please click on each thumbnail to learn more.

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