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When your mind is rested, innovation flows.

These days almost everything is digitized. From news to books, from shopping to ordering food. Somehow, we cannot live without constantly turning our attention

to the screen on our computers and smartphones and we do this on top of an already busy life. Whilst this is a great thing, it can also be counterproductive.

Covid19 created a new phenomenon called ‘Zoom-fatigue’ which basically means we are exhausted due to the extent and frequency of video calls. Because it requires

us to pay more attention, processing non-verbal cues like facial expressions, the tone of the voice, and body language (source:

When we are tired, we cannot perform. We know we need to rest but there is a constant dilemma of not getting things done or pressurized to come up with something creative.

So, what do we do? By taking a deliberate action of utilizing that ‘gap’ time to our advantage.

Did you notice that when we switch off our mind or when we are resting, the brain seems to perform better without even trying?

Covid19 presents a set of challenges that are unprecedented that affect everyone especially leaders and business owners. It demands resilience and creativity.

We are most creative when the brain is rested. Scientists discovered that “moments of creativity take place when the mind is rested rather than working on something” (source:

Innovation is a direct result of creativity and it is critical for the survival of every business.

Pushing ourselves to work harder may not be as productive as you think. We need to take a deliberate rest and one way is to stop working at just the right point (source:

Think of it as an investment. Investing in yourself by setting aside some rest time for a greater return.

All the best.

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